Here’s to the Challenges

zero-to-heroWith every new blog comes the challenges of making it successful, whether it’s a personal or professional blog.

To help keep myself on track, I’ve decided to try and implement some of the ideas and prompts from both the Zero to Hero: 30 Days to a Better Blog and the Writing Challenges by The Daily Post.


I don’t know if I’ll be able to do something for every day of the week for the year, but I figure any attempt is a success in my book.

The first post in the Zero to Hero challenge was to share what I hope to achieve from this blog, what I want to write about, and who I am. So, here it goes:

  1. Through this blog, I hope to connect with like-minded individuals, as well as those who I can learn from. Although I’ve had blogs in the past, I feel this one has a real chance at becoming a success. And I don’t mean a wildly popular, money making enterprise, but a way for me to express myself and share my experiences with my readers.
  2. I love writing about anything and everything, from writing to work to life, and everything in between. I don’t like limiting myself and know that blogging is a learning experience as well as a way to grow as a writer and person.
  3. Who am I? I’m a recent graduate and automotive journalist who can’t find the time to write down all the ideas in my head. I love to be active and play volleyball every Friday night. I love taking my pup on long walks around the neighborhood, to the beach, and anywhere we decide to go. I like having the freedom to more or less do what I want in life and feel that I’ve been called to be a writer. Whether that’s journalistically or creatively, that’s still up in the air. I love new challenges and aiming for high goals.

I don’t want to hold myself to too much right off the bat, and feel this is a good foundation for the rest of the year. I know. Big words for it being only the second day of the new year.

Here’s to starting the new year off right!

If you’re currently working on a blog, where do you come up with your daily motivation and inspiration? Do you take part in these types of challenges? Have you found success with them?

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