And the Inspiration Hits

Photo property of Siren Call Publications

Photo property of Siren Call Publications

It seems like the new year has brought with it a surge of creativity. I can’t seem to stop writing! That’s a blessing and a curse, but one gift I won’t let slip through my fingers.

A while ago I was looking through online magazines and found one that caught my eye. Siren’s Call Publications seemed right up my alley. It was a little darker, a little edgier, and would push my writing to another level. However, I didn’t do anything with it when I had the chance. This morning I came across a post that they’re accepting new submissions.

It seems my prayers have been answered.

This issue is about women in horror. Only submissions made by women will be accepted as this issue is celebrating “Women in Horror Recognition Month.” Submissions aren’t due until the end of the month, but with a max of 2,500 words for a short story, it seems like I might finish the story in the next day or so, leaving me the rest of the month to edit and polish it up.

I haven’t had a short story published before, though I have had a few poems receive some recognition. This is a good opportunity for me to flex my writing muscles and see if I can manage to get published. This is something I’ll continue to strive for, and this is just the first step. After all, one of my main goals this year is to get published. If it happens next month, I’d be overjoyed.

Do you know of any other magazines or journals to submit creative work? What are the best practices when considering submitting your work?


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