Vacation Jar

Times are tough, and we’re all looking for an easy way to save some money. I recently came across a great idea while fooling around online. I’n not good at saving money, as I know that if it’s in my wallet, I’m going to use it. I’ve seen similar things in the past, but for some reason, this time it drew my attention, letting me know this is something I should definitely do.

So what am I talking about? A vacation jar.

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The rules are pretty simple to follow: just add the amount of money for the week of the year. For instance, the first week you’d put a dollar in. The next week, two dollars. And so on. By the end of the year (if you wait that long to use the money) you’ll have saved up $1,378. Not bad, right? And the most you’ll put in at one time is $52 for the last week of the year.

This seems pretty doable, but I don’t think I’ll last the entire year. I’ll probably stop once I have enough money to travel where I want. It’s ideas like this that help bring everything into perspective. Just a few dollars every week, some change you have in your pocket, adds up to give you the opportunity to do the things you otherwise couldn’t.

Some good ways to make sure you’re adding money every week is cutting back on eating out. Instead, place that money in the jar. Besides, it’s healthier to cook than to eat fast food all the time. I’m not saying stop completely – I know I won’t be able to – but moderation is always a good thing.

Is this something you can see yourself doing? If not for vacation, what would you use the money for?


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