Travel Destination: Ke’e Beach

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Hawaii. A travel destination spot for the masses. But with different islands and tons of different beaches, it’s hard to narrow it down to just one. When I was younger, my family and I took a trip to Kauai, Hawaii, but I couldn’t tell you where we stayed or what beaches we went to. At that point in life, I was more concerned with what was going on with Shark Week than what was going on outside.

I have been wanting to go back to Hawaii for quite some time, but due to money or time restraints, it just hasn’t been possible.

Kauai is — in my personal opinion — one of the more beautiful of the islands, and has become more popular in recent years. I’ve heard stories from people who have been to Ke’e Beach, and it’s just piqued my interests.

Snorkeling, hiking, and stunning views are just some of the things that bring people to this beach. There’s plenty of sea life to witness around the reefs that surround this beach, and the calmer waters make it great for those lazy days when all you want to do is relax. All you have to do is grab your snorkel and float around in the shallows to take in all the beach has to offer. I know I’d love to do this.

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All throughout my time at college, I would go hiking more days than not, and that’s something I’ve missed. It was a great way to enjoy the scenery around me and to clear my head. Doing it on an island surrounded by beautiful beaches seems like the next logical step. The trails are marked, some of which let out to beaches, and it just seems like an amazing time.

The clear water makes it easy to see some spectacular views, including the sea turtles — and if you’re lucky — monk seals coming in for a rest. I love experiencing the natural wildlife of the places I’m traveling, as it makes me feel more connected to the environment.

I can just imagine myself laying under the sun with a good book, listening to the waves gently crashing against the shore. All I need is a good drink and a good friend to enjoy it with me and I’m set! Now it’s just up to me to finally make this more than a good idea and into a reality.

Have you been to Ke’e Beach? Is there another beach you’d recommend?




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