I Passed the Test

Photo property of Robert Jersey

Photo property of Robert Jersey

I’ve always wanted to push myself in my daily activities. Whenever I set out to accomplish a task, I don’t stop until it’s seen through. When I first started learning how to drive a stick shift, I didn’t think I’d ever be able to do it. My confidence wasn’t there. But I stuck with it, and look at me now. I can drive almost any manual transmission you can throw at me.

This week, I went to the Detroit Auto Show, spent three days in cold weather looking at cars and eating deep dish pizzas, and came home only to drive an hour and a half to make it to my classroom session of my motorcycle training. My plane landed at 2:20, and we got back to the office around 3:00. My class started promptly at 5:30, and getting through L.A. traffic during that time isn’t something I enjoy doing.

The first part of the class consisted of a few hours of videos and answering possible test questions before we took the actual written portion of the test. After five hours, I left with a high passing grade and a little boost of confidence going into the next section of the training program.

After two more days of work, it was time for the practical portions of the program. I’ve never ridden a motorcycle before, but I have years of experience riding on the back. I was in for what I thought would be a tough time. By the end of the first day, I was able to ride. I could turn, stop, shift gears, but I struggled with weaving. I didn’t trust myself not to fall or drop the bike.

The second day was test day. and we went over the basics, more leaning, counter-steering, swerving, emergency braking, braking through a turn, and more. All in preparation of the exam at the end of the day. The majority of the class was doing everything spot on, and we were all having a good time. Hey, we were riding! We were told it was time for the exam, and almost everyone froze up, myself included.

The first part of the test was something I struggled with all day, but I managed to do the the first part of the figure eight with success. The other part, not so much. I thought right then and there that I’d immediately failed. I passed the swerve, emergency stop, and riding through a curve with ease. Come to find out after everyone stopped and parked their bikes that I had actually passed. I finished around the middle of the pack, and I couldn’t have been happier. I had to look at my paper for a good five minutes before I figured out that I had indeed managed to successfully completed the course. Not everyone did.

For not getting much sleep through the course of the week and riding with injuries, I surprised myself. I passed the test.


3 thoughts on “I Passed the Test

  1. That’s great!!!! I am happy for you! I have always wanted to get my endorsement as well but I haven’t found the time. I was thinking about doing this spring. Here they do many classes in the spring and fall. I will have to sign up. Congratulations! Ideas on your first bike?

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