Travel Destination: Detroit, Michigan

I’m not one for frigid weather, early mornings, and long nights, but that’s what I got when I went to Detroit last week for the North American International Auto Show. I don’t think I’ve ever had this city on my list of places I really wanted to visit, thanks to the weather and horror stories I’ve heard. But I have to tell you. With a few layers, gloves, a scarf, and a group of people constantly around you, there wasn’t anything so bad about it.

If you get over the empty feeling of the city.

When we drove from event to event, we’d see empty building after empty building, and it really put things into perspective. It’s not like Los Angeles where things continue to thrive. It makes you appreciate what you have and where you live. At least, it did for me.

Photo property of Megan Stewart

Photo property of Megan Stewart

But my time in Detroit wasn’t just filled with negative thoughts. If anything, it was overwhelmed with international car debuts, crazy parties, and catching up with old friends. We stayed across the street from the Cobo Center, and man, was that convenient. I can only imagine how early I’d have to wake up if we didn’t.

The first night we were in the city, we went to a party thrown by Mercedes-Benz – which I’ve previously written about – and our night went on well into the morning hours. We had a call time of 7:30, and I’m surprised we all made it. We got through the first day of debuts without a hitch. I had an interview with one of the top executives of Toyota Motor Corporation, which let me in on a few things, mainly about the recently-debuted Toyota FT-1. Man, what a beautiful car.

That night, we went to Slow’s BBQ, which you should definitely go to if you ever find yourself in Detroit. Talk about some amazing food. The company wasn’t half bad, either. After that, we headed over to the GM building for another Mercedes-Benz party and drank the night away while staring out at Canada. Yes. We were that close to the border.

I think I fancy a trip, eh.

The next day wasn’t too eventful, letting us see a bit more of the city. We stopped and had lunch at Pizza Papolis in Greektown from a recommendation. Talk about a killer pizza. I’ve never had a traditional deep dish pizza, and I was blown away. This thing was HUGE. I barely got through one slice. Detroit has some amazing food. I wish I would have eaten another slice, but I think my stomach may have killed me at that point.

Overall, I feel the trip was a great success and one I don’t think I’d mind repeating.


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