Photo(s) of the Week: Huntington Beach

Photo property of Robert Jersey

Photo property of Robert Jersey

There’s nothing like your hometown. It takes you back to great times, memories with old friends, shows you how much you’ve grown as a person.

Huntington Beach is my hometown. Known as Surf City USA, Huntington Beach is like a melting pot. There’s so much going on that it’s hard to keep up with it all. We have the world famous beach, with beach volleyball and surf competitions, eclectic food choices that are as close to authentic that you’ll get outside of those countries,

I haven’t lived there for close to five and a half years, but I’m hoping that changes very soon.

Although I currently live in a great city, with an ocean view and awesome drive in to work every day, I want to be closer to my friends and family. THe killer sunsets don’t hurt, either. Huntington is right in the heart of Orange County, but without all the stereotypes. It’s a pretty laid back place, and one that will always show you a good time, if you know where to find it.

Every time I visit on the weekends, it gets harder and harder for me to leave. I’ve done the commute, and I’ve decided it’s no worse than my normal drive. It’s already the same amount of time, making me feel like it’s the right decision to make. I’d love to be within ten minutes of my friends and family, not to mention Dog Beach. My pup loves it.

I look at these photos, the views from my parent’s house, the entire atmosphere and just can’t help but want it all.


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