Finding Balance

We all get to a point in our lives where we just want to give up, to just spend a few days in bed doing nothing, and just take a breath. Whether that’s from stress at work, in our relationships, or just with everything, we could all use a mental health day. I feel like I could use one right about now.

I’ve had a good and a bad run of it lately and I can’t help but feel pretty drained from all the ups and downs with hardly any downtime to sit and process. Here’s the rundown of just a few of those things.

The Good

  • Got promoted
  • Finished grad school
  • Got chosen to be published in The Siren’s Call e-magazine

The Bad

  • Not getting a raise or title change for three months
  • Student loans enter repayment next week
  • Health issues flaring up

I don’t like to be the person to whine and complain about every little thing, but it’s nice to get it off your chest every once in a while. It helps you gain perspective and get advice, to view everything from a different angle. Just because you may see a situation one way, doesn’t mean that’s the right way to look at it. Sometimes it takes someone else to see the good in the bad.

Find that person, that someone you can talk to about anything that will give you some perspective, or just a safe place to get things off your chest. I’ve been lucky to find that person, and although I’m still not all the way there, I’m getting there, and that’s what matters.

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