It May Be a Holiday, But…

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Since I don’t have any significant other to celebrate Valentine’s Day with, I get to spend the night with good friends playing volleyball, throwing back a few drinks, and not having to deal with any of the drama.

There’s two ways people usually look at this holiday: Single’s Awareness Day or Where Our Relationship Stands Day.

Even when I had someone to share the day with, the pressure was overwhelming. What if they didn’t like your gift? What if they didn’t get you anything? What if your plans fall through? These are just a few problems many have to deal with every February 14. I feel we need to take the pressure out of the day and just enjoy the people we share it with.

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with treating this day like it’s any other day. When you’re in a relationship, many people to small things throughout the year to make their partner happy. Try looking at this day as a chance to make your partner feel special, but do something meaningful, and not over the top.

It shouldn’t be about the man catering to the woman, or vise versa. And if you don’t have someone, spend the day with your friends! That’s what I’ve done more times than not, and I feel that’s the only way I’ve ever really enjoyed the holiday. But this is just my suggestion.

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!


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