Quote of the Week: Gloria Steinem

Photo property of biography.com

Photo property of biography.com

When you’re doing the job you’re meant to be doing, you feel it. There’s an overwhelming sense rightness, and not many people have the luxury of finding that calling. I’ve been lucky enough to understand just what Gloria is talking about in the above quote. Whenever I’m writing, it’s like something comes over me, and I just know that this is what I’m supposed to do with my life.

Now I’m not saying that I’m supposed to be some famous novelist or anything like that, but that if I can find a way to write, whether that’s for fun or for work, I’ll do it. Editing falls into that category as well, and I’ve been blessed to be a journalist by profession. In my group of friends, I’m not the only one who was able to find their calling. My friends have grown to become teachers, marine biologists, vets. Each one of them knew exactly what they were meant to do.

Trying to force yourself to find the right job or doing something for the sake of doing something won’t get you closer to finding out what your calling may be. There’s ways to dabble in many things at once, to expose yourself to new and exciting possibilities without giving up the stable life you’ve created for yourself. Join a book club, take classes at a local college, try cooking classes, anything to get yourself out there. Drag a friend or two along for the ride.

If you don’t feel this feeling every time you sit down at your desk, stand behind the stove, or get behind a camera, challenge yourself to break your routing and find something that feels less like work and a burden and more like a hobby or something you love to do. Who knows? You might be able to turn that into a career.


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