Finding the Time

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When I graduated a few weeks ago, I was under the assumption that I would be freeing up some time every day for me to do whatever I wanted. I could catch up on my tv shows. I could catch up on my reading list. I can sleep. For some reason, I feel like I have even less time in the day. I wanted to be able to post more frequently here on my blog, and as you can see, that hasn’t worked out as well as I would have liked.

Yes, I am posting more than I have on previous blogs, so I’ll take that as a win.

I have always struggled with time management and procrastination, and although when push comes to shove I can usually find something I want to write about or follow a schedule, when other aspects of my life take over my thoughts, that just goes out the window. Instead of being the productive person I thought I’d be, I’m stressed out, not really writing as much as I’d like, and find myself with not enough downtime. but I’m going to change all that.

At the beginning of this year, I had a goal for myself. I was going to make this blog successful and push out as much content as I could manage. Discipline is what it will take for me to see this goal through, and whether that means cutting a half hour of tv out of my nights, then that’s what I’ll do.

Writing is an escape for me, just as much as anything else in my life, but it’s the thing that most gets overlooked because it takes more time and effort. But with my recent successes, I feel that it needs a larger slice of my life. My question to you is this: How do you find the time to write? Do you set aside an hour or more each day? Do you write as it comes to you? How do you balance the other aspects of your life that may be overwhelming to your writing process?

3 thoughts on “Finding the Time

  1. Ahh … An age old problem. Funny, you’d think with my kids grown I’d have plenty of time. Still a struggle to find the time, but I do typically try to save a couple of hours in the evening to hide in my office and write before spending time with my wife. Of course I haven’t touched upon dealing with procrastination 🙂

  2. Time is a problem. I totally sympathize.
    I set time aside for writing. I would love to write as it came to me, but then again, that would prevent me from doing anything else. But, as one of the literary masters whose name I don’t remember said, the point is to write all the time. Even when we don’t set pen to paper or fingers to keyboard, we can think about writing, flirt with writing. Then, when we sit down it will all hopefully come rushing back to us.

    Silvia @

    • I love that saying. It really sums up what I’m trying to do. I’ve had moments where I have ideas, and just don’t have the time to get them down. Now, I carry a little journal with me so I can get them down and move on with what I’m doing.

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