Objectively Cooking

Photo property of bn.com

Photo property of bn.com

Have you ever bought a cookbook and thought to yourself, “I’ll actually make recipes from this?” I never thought that would be me, but here i am. I bought this anti-inflammatory cookbook called True Foods by Andrew Weil, and I can actually see myself enjoying a good number of the recipes. Well. Ones I haven’t already tried.

When I first bought this, I was having issues with food, and I thought it would help me out. It was recommended to me by a good friend, and when I flipped through the pages, I was surprised. Most of the recipes – with a few tweaks – looked pretty good.

It opens up with breakfast, and right there are two delicious shakes that are quick and healthy. Something I could easily do every morning. Provided I wake up with enough time.

There are a few recipes that I’ve managed to make, including one of those breakfast shakes. The one that I found particularly delicious was the halibut recipe, and although it called for a few things that I left out, overall it was great. Its wonderful eating yummy food without a wicked stomach ache afterwards.

I have a sensitivity to gluten every so often and am partially lactose-intolerant, so even though I should watch out for what I’m eating, I don’t always pay attention. This cookbook shows you how to still eat the things you enjoy, but a healthier version, and in moderation.

That’s what I love about this book. EVERYTHING IN MODERATION.

Intermingled in the recipes are words of wisdom and shopping strategies to get the most out of your foods and (dreaded) trips to the grocery store. I usually go in with a list of things I need and grab things I want, and sometimes it’s not always a good idea. Right now, I’ve earmarked a few recipes that I’d like to try in the coming months, from an Asian-style stir-fry to a bison chili. There are others that look amazing, but these caught my eye first.

I’ll get back to you after I make them and let you know how those turn out.

10 thoughts on “Objectively Cooking

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    • I was nervous when I was first told about it too, but after trying out some of the recipes, it was really good. They also have a full section of cocktails in the back if that’s your thing too. I tend to swap out or omit ingredients I don’t like or am allergic to. Recipes are more like guidelines than rules 🙂

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