Photo(s) of the Week

Photo property of Megan Stewart

Photo property of Megan Stewart

Living in Southern California is like living on your own little island. No matter where you go in the states, people can usually tell if you’re from here. Apparently, there’s this persona that those from L.A. and Orange County have, and whether that’s a good or a bad thing, is yet to be determined.

What I love about living here is the beautiful sunsets and easy access to the beach. All you really have to do is drive down the street and you’re practically in the water. Added to that, we’re blessed with beautiful views.

These photos were taken outside my apartment and remind me of just how lucky I am to live in such a beautiful area. When I’m actually home when the sun is still out, I like to relax with a drink on my balcony, curled up with my pup and a good book. The weather is usually mellow, with a light breeze that instantly relaxes me.

I’ve been lucky enough to have lived here for the past ten months, and I know that I’ll have to give up this view when my lease is up. This is one of the things that I would love to take with me, but I know that by May I’ll be closer to my friends and family, something that is much more important. If I want a view like this, all I’d have to do is drive along the coast, a short five minute drive from where I’ll be moving to.

More often than not, I come home from work, and after dealing with my fair amount of stress – especially recently – it’s nice to just relax and take everything in. There’s so much to having something that can instantly put your mind at ease.

Photo property of Megan Stewart

Photo property of Megan Stewart

Back when I was still taking classes for my graduate degree, I’d find myself out on my balcony more often than not on a Sunday afternoon. Every so often I’d get a nudge on my arm from my pup, letting me know that he’s around if I need him, then he’d run off and play with his rope toys.

I always feel the most creative when I’m out here. I don’t have a traditional table and chairs in which to sit and write/type at, but rather I drag pillows and blankets out here. I can stretch out, get comfortable and settled in and let my ideas flow through my fingers as the light breezes dance around me.

For the next two months, I’m going to take full advantage of this little gem of a creative space. My writing has benefitted so much from a static place that I can count on to be there when I need it. That private place that is all mine. Each day the sky lights up differently, giving me a new perspective on my life and my writing.

I hope that when I move, I find a place with a similar place where I can go to relax, de-stress, and just take in my surroundings.


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