Good Things Come in Threes

Photo property of Megan Stewart

Photo property of Megan Stewart

When I was in high school, I had the luxury to go to Australia for a time. It was for a student ambassador program, and while we had to do our necessary duties, we also had a good amount of free time to explore all the country had to offer.

Our group traveled all up and down the eastern coast, going from Sydney to Brisbane to Melbourne to the Outback. We were even lucky enough to head down to Long Island for a few day getaway at a beautiful resort. I can’t remember all the places we managed to visit, and there are so many photos that I’d love to add here.

If I had to choose one thing that I loved about my time there, it would have to be the scenery. No matter where we went, there was always some impressive view, some local history, something that captivated me.

As the days progressed, we visited the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary in Brisbane. There, we were able to interact with a wide range of Aussie angels, including Koalas and Kangaroos, and even an Emu or two.

Photo property of Megan Stewart

Photo property of Megan Stewart

We visited at a very opportune time as many of the Kangaroos recently gave birth to little joeys. You could see them sticking out of the pouches, and while we were told not to touch them, I just couldn’t help it. They were too cute to resist! I couldn’t get over all the animals, many of which we were allowed to interact with. It will always be a memory I cherish.

Near the end of our trip, we headed to the Whitsunday Islands to the BreakFree Long Island Resort.Talk about a dream come true! This place was beautiful, and just what many of us needed after our journeys.

Beaches, sunsets, and good company surrounded us for the few short days when we stayed there. Everything had a romanticized air. It enchanted the mind, giving one the sense that there was no rush, no need to be anywhere or doing anything but living in the moment. I can’t remember a time where I found myself more relaxed.

Photo property of Megan Stewart

Photo property of Megan Stewart

On the afternoon before we had to make our departure from not only our sanctuary, but Australia itself, I took a walk around the resort, along the beach, and out over the docks. It was then that I came upon this charming couple.

It seems that not only were the humans enjoying themselves, but the wildlife as well. They were the only birds in the area where I captured this picture, which made it all the more exciting. They just seemed so happy, so at peace, and completely represented how I felt about the little island getaway.

When I go back to the land down under, this will definitely be one of the first stops.

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