Looking to the Stars

Photo property of SergeM73 at DeviantArt

Photo property of SergeM73 at DeviantArt

Most fairy tales–no matter how twisted or frightening they may be–culminate in a happy ending.

Whether there are evil witches or trolls or giants or angry dragons, the protagonist usually defeats whatever trouble he/she faces and winds up rich or in love or simply happy.

You are now hoping for a happy ending of some kind, Sagittarius, but you are having trouble believing it is truly possible.

You need to harken back to your childhood and try to regain some of the wonder yu had back then.

This is a fairy tale that can have a happy ending if you believe.

DailyHoroscope (Sagittarius 3/25/2014)

For writers, fairy tales are something we resonate with. At least, in my opinion. We write twisted and convoluted stories, poems, and novels, along with romanticized and dramatic characters. While this may not be true with all writers, it’s hard not to draw inspiration from fairy tales.

I like to think about the stories that prompted the tales, whether they were as dark as the Brothers Grimm liked to portray, or as light-hearted as Disney would have us believe. To me, many of the tales were founded on exaggerated stories as it makes for an engaging read. I have drone much inspiration from fairy tales for my own writing, trying to see how I can twist and change them into something fresh and unique.

It’s easy to also see the fairy tails in everyday life. Will I meet my prince charming? Will we live happily every after? And so on. I believe the quote above is drawing on the thought process of an overly romanticized life.

For me, I’ve always been a cynical realist, not overly hoping for certain things as I’ve been hurt and let down too many times in the past. But even I can’t help wanting certain things. If I’m to take this horoscope at face value, I need to be more positive. To believe fairy tales can be real life–just not to the fullest extent.

I won’t lie. There are definitely some things in my life that could font into this scenario. Of course I want a happy ending. Who doesn’t? But the part that has me tripping up is the “You need to harken back to your childhood and try to regain some of that wonder you had back then.”

My childhood was far from “ideal.” I lost my father a week before my sixth birthday, causing me to lose that “wonder” and grow up rather quickly. For those who know me well know my uncanny memory. I can’t real anything from when I was young that resembles a time when I believed in a “happily ever after.” But that’s not from a lack of trying.

Far from it.

As I’ve grown and matured, I feel I’ve stepped out of my cynical shoes and tried to be more positive. I’ve witnessed some happy endings, but never in my own life. My mom likes to say that what you put out into the universe is what you get. Maybe what this horoscope is trying to tell me is that if I want something, I just have to believe it can happen. Not find all the ways in which it can fall through.


5 thoughts on “Looking to the Stars

  1. I love this Megan. You take the first step in faith, you don’t have to know what the next steps are. Keep the end in mind and the steps will fall into place and you’ll achieve what you desire!

  2. Hi Megan 🙂 You’re biggest ally is faith, because that is what stirs you from bed in the morning; that is what leads you back to your road when you go astray. Wonderful post. And with all respect, my deepest condolences over the loss of your father. My own daughter is five, so that made my heart hurt when I read of your experience 😦

    Much positivity to you all the way from New Jersey 🙂


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