Interview with Diantha Jones

I’m so excited to kick off my interview series with Diantha Jones, author of Prophecy of the Most Beautiful. So, without further ado, here’s what she had to say.



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Where did you get the idea for Prophecy of the Most Beautiful?

I first decided that I wanted to write about Greek myth. It took some time (and many failures) to settle on a certain aspect of the myths, but in the end the Oracle of Delphi was my choice. I knew almost right at that point that each book in the series would be a prophecy of its own.

What readers don’t know at first glance is that each prophecy/book is tied to a much bigger prophecy that gets revealed over the entire series. Prophecy of the Most Beautiful is the fist prophecy and the Oracle actually names all the prophecies herself!

Where do you draw inspiration for your characters?

A lot of my characters are demigods so I used heroes from the myths to kind of build the technical aspect of their personalities and skills. The other stuff just came naturally to me.

I wanted the characters to mesh well with each other but also be able to stand on their own. this is because the series is told from multiple POVs so each character has to be strong, well-developed and someone the readers want to know more about.

As the novel focuses heavily on Greek mythology, did you have to do a lot of research not the mythology?

Endless research…and it continues to this day. Every time I open one of my numerous Greek myth books, I learn something new. It’s a daunting thing sometime, but I’m such a Greek myth fan it’s a lot more fun than overwhelming.

Why did you choose to focus on demigods?

Well, the series is actually centered on the Oracle, but it’s true. The demigods play a major role. They are the guardians of the Oracle and to them, the Oracle represents true destiny because only through her can they know their Kismet, or fate. Besides, demigods are freaking cool. Especially the ones in the Oracle of Delphi series. At least they are to me 🙂

What made you lean toward the Young Adult genre for this series?

It seemed lie the only way to do this series the way I wanted to. I wanted action/adventure, romance, humor, and straight up fun without all the hassles of being an adult with responsibilities. Don’t get me wrong, the OOD characters have plenty of responsibility…like kicking the ass of anything that gets in the way of their missions.

What can readers expect from the rest of the Oracle of Delphi series?

Loads of action and fighting, tons of mythical beasts and creatures, intrigue and plot twists, whirlwind romance, deceitful deities, and an ending that will blow your mind.

You’ve previously written short stories and a blog. What had you making the jump to full-length novels?

Full length novels were always the goal. The short stories were just an interlude. I still blog almost five times a week and I don’t see any signs of slowing down anytime soon.

What did you find most challenging about writing a full-length novel?

Writing is SO time-consuming. I love it, but the longer the novel, the longer it takes to write it. So having enough time was a big issue for me. I’m a bit better with managing my time now, but not much, lol.

Are you currently working on any other projects?

Always and forever. I’ve got at least four more series churning around in my head. Two YA, one NA, and one Adult. All fantasy/paranormal undertones. I think they’re going to be awesome.

Can you give any advice to other aspiring writers out there?

Set goals (I don’t do this) and use outlines (I don’t do this, either). Be better than me is what I’m trying to tell you, lol.


Photo property of Diantha Jones

Photo property of Diantha Jones

Thanks to Diantha Jones for agreeing to the interview.

The Oracle of Delphi series continues with Prophecy of the Setting Sunrise and Prophecy of Solstice’s End. Diantha is currently working on book four and five, which will be out later this year and late 2015, respectively.

Head over to Diantha’s website to catch up on the latest news regarding The Oracle of Delphi series and other projects.

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