Learning to Ask for Help

Photo property of shareinspirequotes.blogspot.com

Photo property of shareinspirequotes.blogspot.com

For me, the biggest thing I’ve learned lately is how to ask for help. I’ve always been the strong one, the rock that everyone else turns to. And while i do enjoy that role–to an extent–I don’t always feel as if there are those I can turn to for help or support. Subconsciously I know there are people in my life who would do anything for me, but it’s more a matter of if I’m willing to shed my tough exterior.

Chalk it up to my independent nature or stubborn personality or both, but for me, needing help sometimes makes me feel weak. I don’t want to be dependent on other, and that is one of the things that always holds me back from asking for help.

I see the struggles that my friends and family are going through, and while I expect them to ask for help–if I haven’t offered my hand already–I feel that I’ll only burden them further if I ask for help in return. But there comes a point in time where everyone hits that proverbial wall.

Knowing when to ask for help is not a sign of weakness that many believe it to be, but rather a sign of strength and humility. We’re not meant to go through life alone. That’s why we have such people as our friends and family in our lives.

While I’m not saying it’s a good idea to be that person constantly relying those around them, reach out to someone when you really need the help. What are friends and family for if not to be there for you, to help you in your time of need? If nothing else, it’ll show you who your real friends are. You’ll find those that always want your help, but when the tables are turned, they’re nowhere to be found.

I’m still actively trying to learn how to ask for help as well as who to ask, and it’s proving to be rather challenging. I have a need to be in control, and this is one of those times where I have to relinquish my hold on a given situation. But that’s life, and I hope I never stop learning.


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