Interview with Sirens Call Publications

2014_April_ezine_coverSirens Call Publications fervently believes in the gift of a brilliant work of fiction and we’re always on the lookout for talent. If you can show us creativity, originality and a desire to share the stories you spin, then we want to help you succeed in the publishing world.

Sirens Call Publications has very few restrictions. We are open to publishing and promoting all genres and styles of writing. If our submission guidelines are adhered to and your story leaps off the page and sings its song to our imaginations, then it may very well find a home here at Sirens Call Publications. You weave the tale and we’ll do all we can to make it a success.

I’ve been a fan of this publication long before I decided to submit anything. I love the edgy horror stories that are constantly coming out of The Sirens Call, and wanted to get a closer glimpse on what it takes to create a successful eZine, especially one that doesn’t charge you a subscription fee.

Read on below to see what this magazine has to offer!

How did you, Gloria, and Nina decide to start this e-magazine?

The concept for The Sirens Call came to us in one of our discussions. We wanted to make great fiction accessible for the masses of readers out there and to provide a platform where authors could increase their reach should they decide to submit. By providing the eZine for free, it’s a great opportunity for any author to reach new audiences they may not have been exposed to previously.

Where did the name “The Sirens Call” come from?

Our name is Sirens Call Publications and when trying to figure out a name for the eZine, it was a logical progression to adopt it.

How do you narrow down the submissions for publication in The Sirens Call?

The first thing we look at when considering submissions for an issue of The Sirens Call is whether or not it fits the theme of the issue. Then we look at how well the story or poem fits that theme and make our decisions from there.

Where do you come up with the topics for each issue?

At the end of each year, we make a list of the themes or topics we’d like to cover and work from there. For the most part, they are decided for the entire year, but there is some flexibility in that as well. We consider aspects like time of year and the popularity at the time as well. Ideally we want readers to be interested in the issue and download it for free. And it’s even better when they share it around!

Are there any plans to expand the magazine?

There are always plans to expand, but nothing concrete at this time.

What can we look forward to in the coming months?

In the coming months there will be more great free fiction along with interviews and featured artists. Our next issue, out now, features the theme of Old School Horror!


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