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Ela Lourenco


Katra is a Fae Hunter in a world once ravaged by a terrible war. Having lost all memory of her childhood and rightful identity, her duty is now to protect the tentative peace brokered by the varying races of the supernatural world.  When an evil darkness begins to spread, draining young witches of their power, Katra must find a way back to her true past in order to save the future.

Enduring many trials as ever-increasing powers awaken within her, Katra must also struggle with the mixed emotions her new partner, Blade – a Black Dragon – is rousing within her. Together they must battle the shadows that plan to devour the world they know and prevent its decent into another thousand-year war.

Can Katra hold onto her strength as the truth of her very being begins to unravel? Can she bear the weight that ancient prophecy has placed on her young shoulders? Or is her destiny to regain her true self, only to lose the world she is sworn to protect?


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Essence: Same Fantasy Elements, New Fantasy Journey

Ela Lourenco

So what sets my novel Essence apart from other books of the same genre? Well, I can only give you my own opinion on this as I don’t believe two people who read the same book will get exactly the same thing out of it. One reader may focus more on the sub-stories and their importance to the novel as a whole, while another might skim through what they view as ‘details’ so they can get on with the real story… It’s a matter of perspective, personal preference, and mood (I have reread my favourite books many times, each time getting something new and different from the story.)

Essence is a blend of fantasy and paranormal romance as far as genre goes, and there are indeed a great many other novels that fall under the same category. And yet many of these books are vastly different to one another despite their obvious similarities. You can read ten different novels about dragons and vampires by different writers and find each has a unique story woven around similar elements. Each author creates the characters that live inside their head, the flavour of the story, the style of the language, the many twists and turns… That is all so personal. There is a theory circulating that claims William Shakespeare wrote all the potential plot combinations that exist in literature – does this mean that no work has been new, exciting, or individual since then? Of course not. The telling of the tale is as important as the actual content. The images painted in words, the feelings evoked… All handled differently by the author – there is simply put no right or wrong way of doing it.

Essence is unique; it’s the story that was inside my head – it followed paths that even I didn’t know it would take as I first put pen to paper. Having read thousands of fantasy stories that wove paranormal romance into the plot, I finally got around to writing my own – believe me it was a long time in the making to begin with!

I prefer to write elements in a new way; vampires, but not as you have always read about them; dragons and yet they’re not the same ones of legend; even craft new races I’ve yet to encounter anywhere else like the Celestis you can find in Essense.

While writing Essence I truly let my imagination run wild. New worlds were born, different races came into existence with their own histories, religions and philosophies flourished – I wrote what I wanted to read. And I hope you’ll enjoy reading it as well.



ElaLourenco_PhotoEla Lourenco lives in sunny Scotland with her two daughters and husband. She has a passion for reading and all things supernatural, particularly where there is a whodunit involved! Ela can often be found in the kitchen baking yet another cake as she ponders her next story.


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6 thoughts on “Blog Tour: Essence

  1. Hi Megan! Love your blog page! And thank you so much for hosting ‘Essence’ on its virtual tour – this online touring is truly magical!

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