Checking In

At the beginning of the year, we all made our resolutions, and while the good majority of us have yet to live up to them all, I felt it was a good time to check in with myself and see just how far along I’ve gotten in making all my goals a reality.

Right before New Year’s Eve, I wrote a post called Kicking the New Year Off Right where I stated what my realities for the year are. Here’s a recap of what I wanted to accomplish:

  • Graduate with my Master’s degree
  • Move closer to my friends and family
  • Travel outside of work

And while these are the main three I listed in the post, there were a few more things that I put on what I like to refer to as my “reality board.” I don’t need to post the entire thing here, as it is pretty big, but here were the other things on that list, and more specifics:

  • Play more volleyball
  • Go to New Orleans
  • Get my motorcycle license
  • Get published in a literary magazine

There may have been a few more here and there, but the above are the ones that were at the top of the list and most important. And, after seven months, I can say that I’ve been able to check nearly every one of these items off my list.

In January, I was published by A Sirens Call Issue #13. I wasn’t expecting this one to happen so quickly, but it set the pace for the year. In February, I graduated with my MFA in Creative Writing from Full Sail university. In March, I got my motorcycle license. In April, I moved into a new apartment that’s minutes away from my friends and family, although work is now an hour away. I was playing volleyball every Friday night, but now it’s just the occasional Sunday, and hopefully next week, I’ll start playing Wednesday nights with a new friend. And for the last of the items above, I will be traveling with a close friend to New Orleans in December. And it’s not for work, although we will most likely be driving a work car.

Looking back at the beginning of the year, how well have you done in making your resolutions or whatever you want to call them into realities?


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