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Title: Twell and the Army of Powers
Series: The Como Chronicles #1
Author: Kate O’ Leary​​
Publication Date: June 26, 2014
Genre: YA Dystopian/Fantasy


Twell lives in the new world of Como, and has always neglected her telekinetic gifts, desiring to be ‘normal.’ Her biggest drama in life is having to be genetically partnered with a boy she doesn’t know or love by her next birthday. Unfortunately she loves her best friend, who loves the girl she hates most, and Twell is left frustrated & heartbroken.

When Twell is requested alongside several other teens to develop her skills for the protection of Como, she reluctantly agrees to the training, and finds herself thrown into all sorts of mental and physical challenges.

Handsome, charismatic Jonaz, is gifted with the power of healing. According to Twell he’s an infuriating prat who delights in provoking her. But first impressions have always been her downfall.

When Como is attacked, life as Twell knows it is changed forever, with devastating consequences. With no choice but to fight, Twell risks her life to protect those who have survived, coming up against unexpected dangers she could never anticipate.

Will she survive, and if so will she be matched to a stranger when the one she is growing to love is destined to another?

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Dystopian Worlds by Kate O’ Leary


Dystopian worlds are a very popular genre right now thanks to amazing series such as Allie Condies Matched Trilogy and Suzanne Collins The Hunger Games. Of course, there’s been lots of amazing series before them, including Australian Author John Marsden’s ‘Tomorrow when the world began.’ Series. If you haven’t read those, they are fantastic, and set in Australia in the bush, where survival is not easy, and especially when you are being hunted! Creepy and edge of your seat with lots of teen angst and romance, just what we love in a good YA novel!

But anyways back to the topic. So what’s the draw of dystopian fantasy? I think it’s the possibilities of what could happen in our future, the unknown, merged with fantasy…has so many ways it can go! You can create anything futuristic and make it believable, you can have fun with it, because it’s limitless according to your imagination! Combining modern technology with political oppressing governments restricting the free will we enjoy today in the Western world, and you are going to get worlds that are oppressing, eerie, scary, horrifying, and thoroughly entertaining!

On top of that, we all love a good unrequited or forbidden romance. Shakespeare started the trend with Romeo and Juliet, and we have been loving it ever since. Let’s face it, forbidden love is attractive, exciting and you won’t be able to help championing the hero/heroine on in their quest to fulfill the desires of their heart. We all want that spine tingling, blushing, can’t stop thinking about him/her type of love, and reading about it is simply great fun!

These worlds also set the perfect premise of challenge for our main characters. They are up against danger and oppression of their will, and they are so they are fighting for freedom, and often fighting for love. What combination could be more fascinating?

As a writer of YA Dystopian fantasy, I enjoy the fantasy creating a new world for a teenager to navigate through, a world with more challenges that your average teen might face today. Further to that, I want YA readers to ask themselves how they would cope if they were put in the same situation. I like to provoke my reader to question what they believe, what they stand for…and what they would fight for, if they were forced to. Free will is an interesting topic that I focus on in my writing, and is often defined by the rules and regulations of our society and Government. I want readers to question how they would feel about living in a world with more restrictions on personal freedom than we experience in the western world.



Kate-1Kate O’Leary, has loved reading and writing ever since she was young enough to try and get through the back of her cupboard into Narnia, or through her mirror into Wonderland! In high school she entertained her homeroom reading out chapters of her first novel ‘Miranda’ about a teenage girls adventures with her horse Rusty.
After school Kate studied Children’s Literature, and her first drafts of Twell were awarded in writing competitions. Kate’s writing interest is firmly embedded in dystopian fantasy, being continually fascinated with future direction of our world and the concepts of free will and moral vs. lawful obligations. Twell’s adventures will continue to explore these ideas in the Como Chronicles Trilogy.Kate lives in the beautiful Adelaide Hills of Australia, surrounded by rolling hills and wineries and horses, as well as some good rocks to climb when she feels like scaring herself!

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