Visiting the Trainer’s Den

Photo property of Megan Stewart

Photo property of Megan Stewart

Over the weekend my mother and I had the opportunity to go out to Lake Elsinore for some special one-on-one dog training sessions with my pup, Baja. Although he’s been through the training gig multiple times and has even earned a Canine Good Citizen certificate, it never hurts to continue with training. Especially when your pup is young and has nervous tendencies.

While he’s only been training with David Smith of Lakeside Kennels for three weeks, already there has been massive improvements. Baja is gaining more confidence, he’s respecting my mom when she handles him, and is becoming more comfortable with new people. I couldn’t be happier.

Photo property of Megan Stewart

Photo property of Megan Stewart

But driving out to Elsinore was a step we both needed to take. It showed to the trainer our commitment to bettering the situation. 

Here’s a little about our trainer, David Smith:

He’s been breeding and showing Rottweilers for over 25 years, and in that time has won many world championships. He currently helps celebrities train their pups, and even helps out Dog Whisperer, Cesar Milan on occasion. He is one of the nicest people I’ve ever met, and truly cares more about the dogs he trains than getting a quick buck.

Alright, so how did we end up with this guy? He has been a friend of my uncle for a very long time, and they used to work together. Although they hadn’t spoken in a while, my uncle called him up and asked if he would be willing to help us out. And it’s because of this relationship that I can even afford his services.

Photo property of Megan Stewart

Photo property of Megan Stewart

And while we might have been there for training, it didn’t hurt to know that David had a few litters of puppies at his home that we were itching to play with. When we were done with the training session, we had our chance. At first when we walked into the room, we only saw one pin with three puppies, but we soon discovered another to the left with four puppies and one to the right with another four. Talk about a cuteness overload! While we couldn’t take them out and play with them (as much as I wanted to let them out and roll around with them) we had to settle for some petting and getting little kisses from the ones we could reach. It really made our day.


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