Lies that Start White

Photo property of

Photo property of

She hides in plain sight
Obscured by her smiling face
Sharp words behind painted lips

Though dressed in white
A darkness surrounds her
A slip in the charade

Her hand on your arm
Head on your shoulder
Vice grip on your heart

She’s covered her tracks
Taken care of any witness
Keeping you in the dark

Try to leave, try to run
Pulled back in fright
You don’t know what she’s done

Canceled date
Missing wallet
Too many little signs

Confrontation is useless
Her kiss intoxicates you
Making you forget your worries

Just remember, she says
I love you, she says
It doesn’t ring true

A white lie here
Growing darker with the days
Warping into something she can’t escape

But it was all for you, she says
You’re my everything, she says
As she buries the dagger deeper in your back


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