It’s Resolution Time Again

Happy New Year’s to everyone reading this post! It’s time to kick off 2015 right and set some resolutions, or what I like to call, realities. While I don’t have many, I still wanted to share them with you all. Here they are:

Financial stability

Move (back) out and get my own place

Ride a motorcycle on the street

Get published with a new magazine

Build my reputation and portfolio as an editor

Outline and start writing my novel

For me, resolutions leave wiggle room for people to break them without feeling too guilty. The same goes for goals and dreams. I feel that by using a stronger, more affirmative term, it gives you that added push to really see them through. It holds you to your words more strongly than the other three. At least in my opinion.

To date, I’ve met every one of my realities, some before my self-implemented deadline. Although it’s not easy, I feel we should set ourselves up for success. I only want to focus on things that are actually attainable and not so lofty that I can’t even envision the steps to see them through.

My realities are simple, common things, and while last year I managed to meet all of them, they were a little tougher. This year, I wanted to take things slow, and if I decide to add to the list later on, that’s great. When you’re healing, you have to give yourself time, and I feel that this is the perfect way to make sure my year turns out to be positive and one filled with more happiness than 2014.

Let’s hear it to the new year and fresh starts!


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