Getting Published is a Great Feeling


Photo property of Sirens Call Publications

When you’re trying to get a name for yourself as a writer, you have to put your work out there. And that can be scary. The fear of rejection isn’t something that can be shrugged off and ignored. It’s very real, regardless if you’ve been published many times before, or never.

In January 2014, I had the opportunity to submit my first story to a great publication. It was for Women in Horror Month, and I was as nervous as anyone could imagine. I didn’t expect my story was good enough to be accepted, so when I got that email saying that my story was going to run in the February 2014 issue of Sirens Call, I was over the moon. And after that, I started to take my writing more seriously.

Which is why I decided to submit another story.

In the December 2014 issue of Sirens call, my story, Flicker, was published. I’d love for you all to not only check out my piece, but the others from fabulous authors. The issue contains poetry, short stories, an interview with Joseph A. Pinto, author of Dusk and Summer, as well as artwork.

I encourage everyone to check out this magazine and all it has to offer, even if you’re not the biggest horror fan.

You can find my story on page 87!

4 thoughts on “Getting Published is a Great Feeling

  1. This story is more bone chilling and horrifying then the first publication for February. This has a tangible feeling to it, so much so you can taste the emotions as I was reading. Very Very good. Keep it up!

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