Book Review: I Am the Mission

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Zadoff packs in plenty of tension-filled moments that will leave readers on the edges of their seats…Just when readers think they’ve made it through one breathless climax, Zadoff adds another twist that tacks on more…Hollywood-esque thrills…A more dangerous Alex Rider for the older set.


In this follow-up to Boy Nobody (2013), Zadoff has crafted another highly suspenseful, compulsively readable futuristic thriller with an agreeably intricate plot and a sympathetic-though often coldblooded-protagonist. Readers will be clamoring for the next volume.


With a high body count, interesting plot twists, technology tie-ins, and nonstop action, this thriller should appeal to teenage boys.



With how much I enjoyed the first book in this series, I was eager to get my hands on the next installment. Allen Zadoff wove together a gripping, intriguing world of mystery, action, self-discovery, and emotional revolution in a way that Ive yet to experience from another author.

But I have to say that I was somewhat disappointed with the execution of this book. It had many of the same elements that I enjoyed from the first book, but they were overplayed and drawn out in a way to make them feel less than authentic.

We left the main character with a cracked view of The Program, a secret organization that trains young kids to be spies and forget their previous existence. He didn’t clean up all his loose ends, he broke protocol and pursued an emotional connection with a target, and he was given information that makes him rethink what happened in his past.

Jump to this book, and he’s almost back to being completely unemotional. It doesn’t fit, and while it fit his character previously, I expected him to be slightly more open. And just like last time, the target moves from being the father, the leader, to the seemingly innocent daughter. It’s almost the exact same plot line as book one, but more involved. In the same vein, both of the daughters meet their end.

But perhaps one good surprise was the return of the rival and kid who brought our Amin character into The Program. It’s at the end that we learn that while the rival is still working for the organization, he’s questoning everything and planting more seeds of doubt into the main character’s mind, even more so than what a former Program recruit was able to do.

It was good to see the cracks in he main characte’s psyche further splinter as his partner is taken by the organization he’s supposed to be working for, and how he does what he can to keep him safe. But it feels like there is still something not completely genuine about the main character, and it’s hard to put a finger on. It could be his swaying emotions toward the mission and The Program, but it feels like it’s on a more personal level.

I can only hope that the next installment clears up some of this confusion and shows us more of what The Program really is, instead of the small glimpses we see from time to time. Overall, it was a good read and perfectly set the stage for book 3.

[Disclaimer: I received a free ego ok copy via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review]

Rating: 3/5 Stars

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