Should’ve Done it Myself

We all have been through those moments where we have paid others to do something that we think they can do better than us. Well, this just happened to me not too long ago, and after everything was said and done, I couldn’t help thinking I should’ve just done it myself..

When I decided that I wanted to take my freelance work more seriously, I needed to create a website that was not only professional, but was inviting and not clinical and cold. I have built websites in the past and knew I was capable of doing it, but I needed some direction and guidance as to what was appropriate to have content-wise.

In doing this, I hired a friend of my mother’s to create the website, and immediately red flags went up during the design process. It don’t seem like we were on the same page, and when the finished product came around I wasn’t 100% happy, but t was something. It took me a good two months to get a feel for it and it never felt right. It felt more like a blog than a website, and it felt rushed and unpolished. I decided I needed to change it.

So I was stuck with limited options as I had already purchased my domain and hosting site. I didn’t like what was offered with the site I was using, so I had to look elsewhere. I was recommended to Squarespace by a good friend, and I can say that it was exactly what I was looking for. After researching domain mapping and price points and features for a week with different sites, I settled with Squarespace and couldn’t be happier.

I now feel like I have a professional, clean website that I won’t feel embarrassed showing others. What wound up being a nearly $600/2 week project was a waste of my time and money. With Squarespace, I spent nearly $200 for the year and five hours building my new and improved website. However, If I would have done it with them originally, the domain name and hosting would have been included in the price.

The things we learn after the fact…

Anyway, to check out my new website, please visit


4 thoughts on “Should’ve Done it Myself

  1. See statements on previous comment* much sharper. I thought the first version of the website looked a little, slap happy dare I say. But much cleaner and crisp version. Go

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