Joining a New Family

We all want to make more money, spend more time with those we love, and not be stuck in an office for the majority of our lives. A few years back, my mother joined an amazing organization called Nerium International, an anti-aging skincare company. Since then, I’ve been hearing about all the great things about the company, however, I got sick of only hearing about it.

neriusm-before-and-afterI was completely turned off by the idea.

But the years went by and I saw her get a free iPad, get a free Lexus, and go on all-inclusive, all-expence paid vacations with this company, on top of earning a significant monthly income that it made me start thinking. The product worked, the money seemed real, and the opportunities were pretty good. Throw earning bonuses on top of that, and it got me thinking.

Could this be something I could do?

neriumfirm-cust12Well, I’m about to find out. This week, I joined as an Independent Brand Partner and am lucky enough to have a serious support system behind me to keep me motivated and on track. But not only that, the company itself has set up a system to succeed, with an 8 Point Daily Tracker of steps to follow, but a back office with all the information and promotional material you could ever need.

Also, for those who fall in the 18-29 age category, there is a special program, the Young Entrepreneur Program, to help us reach our goals, whether that’s paying for school, traveling, or becoming fully independent.

I love what I do currently, but earning a little money on the side is always a bonus. And if I can help people feel better about themselves while helping them reach their financial goals with residual income. We can all use a Plan B in case something happens, as life likes to happen when we least expect it.

So here are a few questions I have for you:

Do you have a Plan B?

Could you use a little money on the side?

Could you or someone you know use this product?

I’d love to share more about this great product and opportunity with you. Contact Me for more!


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