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Title: Her Werewolf Bodyguard
Series: Moon Pack Rules #1–4
Author: Michele Bardsley
Publication Date: March 31, 2015
Genre: Paranormal Romance


Stephanie Draper is on the run from an abusive husband–a terrifying breed of shifter. She seeks sanctuary in Tulsa, Oklahoma at her childhood home. Her stepfather is a respected Moon Pack werewolf, and even though she’s human, she’s considered a pack member, too.

Nolan Wright is also a Moon Pack werewolf and a cop with the Tulsa PD. He can sniff out a damsel in distress from five miles away … and it doesn’t take him long to find the beautiful and haunted Stephanie.

Beauty wants the Beast. Stephanie has built solid walls around her heart–for a good damned reason. But Nolan’s kind and funny demeanor is creeping through the cracks of those walls, and soon, she finds herself falling for the handsome shifter. It feels like Stephanie may finally be able to piece together her shattered life … until her monstrous husband returns for his final revenge…



Writing about werewolves is really about writing about the pack, the family, which is valued. In my Pack Rules world, wolf shifters rely on one another to create lifelong bonds that support everyone in their shifter network.

To create an original take on werewolves, I create different shifter packs: Shadow Pack, Earth Pack, Moon Pack, Winter Pack, Blood Pack, and Fire Pack. Each pack has its own of doing things—choosing mates, conducing business, and ruling their own infrastructures.

In the Shadow Pack, human brides are taken during the Choosing ceremony held in Bleed City, Nevada. But in the Moon Pack, the alpha can choose his own mate, but if he doesn’t, then the pack gets to their alpha female. And in the Earth Pack, the triad is sacred, so they have two alpha males and one female that create a cohesive relationship.

I wrote about the alpha in the Moon Pack in a novelette called Her Billionaire Alpha and about the Moon Pack beta in Her Billionaire Beta. My novel, Her Werewolf Bodyguard, is about one of the Moon Pack enforcers, Nolan Wright, who is also an officer with the Tulsa PD. Here’s a little snippet:

Her shaky laugh nearly undid him. She was being brave again, and he wanted to kiss her. “I knocked over a lamp. I couldn’t see anything, and when I bumped into it…I was being silly.”

“You were frightened. Tell me what you saw in the window.”

“I saw a face. Garrett’s.” She took a shuddering breath and hugged herself.

Nolan kept his distance, knowing that he shouldn’t have put his hands on her to begin with—but he couldn’t stop himself, and thankfully, she hadn’t protested. What the hell had he been thinking taking her in his arms … comforting her like that?

“At least. I thought so. But when I looked again, he was gone. I can’t be sure now if it was real.” He watched her lick her lips, her eyes wide when she looked at him.

Awareness buzzed along his nerves.

Emotions swirled in her green eyes—and he recognized the desire that twirled with her caution. A pink tongue flicked her bottom lip, and he swallowed back a groan.

The urge to kiss her senseless riveted his feet to the floor. If he got within an arm’s length of her, that’s just what he’d do.

“You ready to go to bed?” he asked.


“I didn’t mean for—what I meant was—are you ready to go to sleep?”

“Sleep?” The tongue appeared again, this time caressing the upper lip. The action wouldn’t be nearly so erotic if she had known what she was doing. Her nervous reactions were causing some decidedly ungentlemanly thoughts in his head.

Then she did something extraordinary. She put a cool hand against his cheek, her palm caressing the stubble. Her hands memorized his face: a finger stroking his brow, a palm on his cheek, a thumb tracing his lower lip. His control nearly snapped under her hesitant touches, but he knew this moment was brittle. He wanted her to trust him, so he kept still.

When her hands explored his neck, fingers dipping under his T-shirt, he groaned. The soft skin of her hands against his collarbone felt like silk. “Stephanie?”

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michele2BbardsleyNew York Times and USA Today bestselling author Michele Bardsley writes howling good paranormal romances. When she’s not writing, Michele consumes chocolate, crochet hats, watches “Supernatural,” reads on her Kindle, and spend times with her awesome hubby and their fur babies.

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