But He Loves Someone Else

She looks at him, and sees him looking at another with the same look in his eyes. The longing, the yearning for someone they know they can’t have.

He keeps her bed warm and her heart on ice. His mind on the one who is with another. He smiles and wraps his arms around her, pulls her close, and drapes the covers over them. Her heart cracks with every kiss he places on her naked shoulder.

Sleep never comforts her in those nights. Thoughts and broken images of him in the arms of another woman plague her mind, making her hug him tighter to her body, believing he’ll be able to feel how much she craves him.

She knows he loves another. He knows he can’t keep stringing her along. The other woman remains happily ignorant of the longing looks and lingering touches, comfortable in the arms of his brother. 

He knows he’ll never have the one he wants, deep down. The thought gets buried by the hope when she finally leaves his brother. He waits, watches her with other men as she tries to move on. He doesn’t want to be just another rebound; he wants to be more than that.

And as he holds back in silence, his time slips through his fingers. He watched her fall for someone else. His heart wrenches with the knowledge that her happiness comes from someone else, that they’ve given her that look of pure bliss. His heart cracks at the sight, a sliver falls out of place. His smile is hollow, his laugh forced.

He finds his way back to the one who’s always there for him. He wishes he could feel for her what he feels for the one he can’t have. The pull between him and the one who he knows cares for him is intense, palpable to those around them. All wonder why they aren’t together. She smiles and looks away, not missing his fleeting glance to the one who crushes his heart little by little without knowing.

But she’ll take him any way she can have him, whether he’s a broken soul or full of love for someone else. She can’t help the way she feels any more than he can. She knows only pain will come from their dance, and he’ll break her when he leaves her bed that final time.

The comfort they draw from one another is intoxicatingly, unhealthy, an escape they both want but don’t need. And when the woman he loves starts to notice him, her heart splinters and smile widens.


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